Summary Of William Goldman's Novel 'The Princess Bride'

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Recently, William Goldman’s new novel The Princess Bride is published. The Princess Bride is a fantasy romance novel combines several genres. The famous novelist, playwright and screenwriter William Goldman celebrates his new book. For the fans of William Goldman, it means the end of two years waiting for Goldman’s new novel. For William Goldman himself, the new book combines elements of fantasy, parody, adventure and romance, which is different with any other novel he has written before. Let’s sit down and listen to his story. LA Times: Mr. Goldman, since your new book is so successful, just out of curiosity, how did The Princess Bride become a novel? William Goldman: I have two little daughters; they are 7 and 4, and I said, “I’ll write you a story. What do you want it to be about?” One of them said “a princess” and the other one said “a bride.” I said, “That’ll be the title.…show more content…
William Goldman: I had a lot of scenes, a lot of fancy scenes, but I didn’t know how to link them together. I walked around the city because I really wanted to write it for my children. Then, one day I got a notion that I didn't write it, it was written by a figure named Morgenstern. So I can write one scene to another smoothly. LA Times: What do you think of The Princess Bride? William Goldman: I really like it. I mean, in fact I hate most of my writing, but The Princess Bride is different. As a writer, it is one of my favorite books. LA Times: What genre is The Princess Bride? William Goldman: Actually, it can be classified as a fairy tale, a romantic parody, and an adventure novel. Everyone has different viewpoint to this question after finishing the

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