Miscommunication In Amy Tan's In The Joy Luck Club

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As someone once said “It is not the distance that keeps people apart, but lack of communication.” In the Joy Luck Club the theme of miscommunication plays a huge part throughout the daughters and mothers’ life, especially in Rose Hsu Jordan and her mother An-Mei Hsu. The communication between An-Mei and Rose creates this wall between them that makes them not able to properly communicate with each other. Rose Hsu Jordan and An-Mei Hsu have a very complicated hard time understanding each other due to the lack of communication that was caused by their generation gap and cultural difference and it managed to create a wall between their social relationship making it hard for them to understand each other. To begin with, An-Mei Hsu was raised very differently from her daughter. AN-Mei was born in China, however she was not raised by her mother. Her mother went off with another…show more content…
Unlike her mother, Rose was born and raised in The United States. Rose has been there her whole life, making her very Americanized and as a result she does not care about following her mother’s culture. For example, when Rose decides that she wants to get a divorce from her husband she says that there is no hope, however her mother tries to convince her that she should at least try to save her marriage because she would be breaking family customs and getting a divorce is not the honorable thing to do. “This is not hope, not reason. This is your fate. This is your life, what you must do" (pg134). Her mother tells that she needs to at least try, that she should not be losing hope, but what she doesn’t understand is that hope has already been lost. Rose wants to get a divorce, and nothing is going to stop her because the divorce is what is going to make her happy. Rose doesn’t care about keeping her honor, she cares about the things that make her happy. The only thing she cares about is keeping the house after the

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