Minimum Wage

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Is it possible for an average family of four to be able to live off minimum wage? Most likely not due to the fact that minimum wage does not do a good job of supporting a family of four. The less money a family receives, the less they can do for their family. Doing food shopping gets a little harder each time because money is not coming in and out of the house the way it should. For employees of an average job, they work hard and work for multiple hours. The people who work the most , do not get paid like they deserve to while people who work less seem to have more money in their pockets. Due to this, minimum wage is not a suitable amount for specific families. The way minimum wage works is not as easy as it sounds. For some people, minimum…show more content…
The definition is exactly what it sounds like. A living wage in some people’s minds is how much money it takes to suffice a family a family of three or four. The actually definition is stated in an article which claims, “ Living wage, the hourly wage that, at a minimum, supports a standard of living above the poverty level in a given locality” (Living Wage). Every neighborhood has its own separate poverty level but as years pass, the poverty level is becoming equal. People are arguing about their pay more and more every day and it is getting harder to pay for items that support their families. Everyone deserves to be able to support their families and when that starts getting hard, everything starts falling apart slowly but…show more content…
Their voices can be silenced and they will never be heard. Having a greater authority be the voice or at least supporting the idea will have a greater effect for the employees that want a change. “As such, the growing political consensus that it is time for a higher minimum wage is to be welcomed. It is a rare and pleasant feeling to see politicians engaged in a race to the top, rather than to the bottom” (The Growing Consensus). When people with higher acknowledgment speak out and agree with the people, things turn out better as a result. As a whole, politicians want to see the people be better and be able to pay for things easily so they are agreeing with the fact that minimum wage should be increased. And as stated in the quote, politicians who have a bigger voice that agree will help the race to reach to the top, and not sink to the

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