Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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In the state of Florida minimum wage right now in 2015 is $8.05, by 2018 it should raise to $8.61. Still borderline impossible to live off, even when working forty hours a week. Paychecks should average out to about $322.00 for about a week’s worth of work, but you still have to remember taxes are being taken out. Ranging from high school kids High school supposedly the best and worse years of your life. Having to pick up a job towards the end years of your high school career. With the decision usually being forced upon by parents. You find yourself usually at a minimum wage paying job, or you could be one of the lucky ones that stumbles across a higher paying job. That being said you’re still a teenager living at home with your parents, with no bills to pay. You can’t help but feel on top of the world when you get your 400 dollar paycheck after two weeks.…show more content…
Also you have probably been with the same company for two years, and have given them nothing but loyalty. All those calls from your manager asking you to help out and pick up a few shifts, when you really just wanted to say no. You then ask them for a raise, which they cannot seem to pull through on. Where you then go looking for a new job, that has higher hourly rate and maybe better benefits. Then find a new job, excited to start somewhere else but devastated you will be at the bottom again. You hand your manager your two-week notice, and he starts asking numerous questions why? You then telling him, minimum wage is not enough anymore now that your older. He understands, and then wants to finally give you that twenty-five cent raise you’ve been asking

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