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As many of you may not know. He is known professionally, he is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, voice actor, and a father as he tattles all life’s choice from having no father to destroying type 2 diabetes, please welcome Gabriel Iglesias! Gabriel J. Iglesias was born on July 15, 1976 San Diego, California out of the youngest of six children to a single mother. He grew up at many different places including Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton before settling down at Long Beach, where he spent most of his youth at. He grew up without a father and without knowing that he had two sisters with his father. He now lives at Whittier, California. Before going into comedy in 1997, he was working for a cell company in…show more content…
Trying to maintain both jobs just to keep his life’s needs, he took a huge risk in 1997 to take the risk of doing full time comedy. Against the advice that his mother gave him, he still risk of doing full comedy. Leaving the phone company was a sacrifice that he was willing to take, but despite that the result ended no other in losing his car and his home, but still persisted to full time comedy. Gabriel is known best by being voice actor and for his jokes. Because of his heavyset appearance, comedian Gabriel Iglesias has dubbed himself has “The Fluffy Guy” or in short terms “Fluffy”. He is also known for his high energy, his six levels of fatness, and cartoonish character voices. Gabriel always seems to be having a ton of fun on stage. His audiences can usually say the same just by them chanting when he walks on stage. His audience described him as “Witty, electrifying and talented performer.” Outside of the jokes and the movie he been doing, he had a loving supporting family that he had to go to, but he only on the road 46 weeks out of the year. In the Fluffy Movie Gabriel describes how at his heaviest weight (455 Pounds). He was diagnosed with type II diabetes. The doctor only

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