Tiny Tim Vs Super Crips

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In todays culture we see disability a lot and in the form of media they are used to convey two different kinds of images. The image of the “tiny tims” or the complete polar opposite the “super crips” these types of images are used to help the audience develop their feelings towards the character with out them realizing it. The “Tiny Tims” are used to make the audience pity the character like Shapiro said, “ Often a Disabled character is depicted as helpless or childish”. [1] Super Crips are the polar opposite of the term “Tiny Tim” they are called “super crips” because they are able to do more than normal humans even though they are crippled. Shapiro also says “super crip is presumed deserving of pity – instead of respect – until he or she…show more content…
The eye allows him to look behind him at any given time and also see through walls and invisibility cloaks. Mad Eye is a famous Auror had played an important role in the fight against the dark arts. I would consider Mad Eye to be a “super crip” because despite the loss of his leg and his eye he still is a very profound wizard and considered the greatest Auror of all time. Mad Eye I believe to have his prosthetics to continue his work and Mad Eye was also paranoid about this safety and I believe the Eye allowed him to also keep guard and see everything going on around him. The eye played a pivotal role in the development of Alastor Moody ‘s…show more content…
In Tom Shakespeare’s “The social Model of Disability” he says “ Medical model thinking is enshrined in the liberal term “people with disabilities” and seeks to provide medical prevention cure or rehabilitation”. [2] Alastor’s prosthetics is a very symbol of this because he has taken medical assistance and has been provided with a metal prosthetic leg and a prosthetic eye. Alastor also fits in the social model as well because as Shakespeare states “ Social model thinking mandates barrier removal, anti-discrimination legislation, independent living and other responses to social oppression”. [2] Even though Alastor was never really discriminated against he still fits the description of independent living because not only does Alastor live on his own and able to care of him self on his own he still is able to fight against the dark arts and some of the most powerful wizards in the world. Despite Alastor’s disability and prosthetics he is still one of the greatest Arours and a very powerful wizard capable of legendary

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