Miley: A Short Story

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Miley had never actually met Patrick. Likewise, Patrick had never actually met her. Pete did tell stories of both, and they could already agree on the fact that the boy could talk. In Pete's mind, this thought finally brought up the dilemma of how to introduce Miley to Patrick and, more prominently, their relationship status. He didn't want to label her as his girlfriend and make her uncomfortable, because they never talked about it. However, he did want to introduce her as his girlfriend, because he certainly wanted to be her boyfriend. He groaned and threw his phone on the bed. Wikihow wasn't giving him the best advice on how to ask a girl to date you. He never thought he would have a cliche 'define the relationship' talk, though he also…show more content…
"That was a yes," he sighed contentedly. ~~ "I still can't believe you tried to karate chop that bird," Miley laughed as they walked back into her house, reminiscing on their game of mini-golf. "And I still can't believe you beat me," sulked Pete, crossing his arms. "Dude, but-" she stopped talking abruptly. "Oh my God! My eyes!" Pete flushed a bit as well to the scene in front of them. A messy haired Frank desperately tried to cover up his lack of clothing with a blanket. "On the couch, Gerard? Really?" she scoffed. He only turned crimson in response and searched for his shirt. "Have you even broken up with Lindsey yet?" sighed Miley. Gerard avoided eye contact and picked at his nails. "You see... I mean-" "Save it," Frank huffed, getting up from the seat. "See you later, Gee." Miley and Pete stood in the entry way of her house for another minute after Gerard went up to his bedroom and slammed the door. "Um," she cleared her throat. "While he deals with that, come with me. I want to show you something." Pete just nodded and followed her. "We just need to climb through this window," she instructing, pointing at the corner of her bedroom. "It leads straight to the

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