Summary Of Slavery By Daina Berry

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Slavery had been is the Americas for so long, since 1619 when the first Africans first step in American soil. In this book you will see how slavery developed over time, and how they were treated by the slave holders (masters). It talks about how intensive their lives were, how they were sold, trade, sexually abuse, and many more other cruel things that made them weak over time. Daina Berry lets us know how gender did not matter to slave holders, the only thing that matter to them was slaves who had skills, because in many occasions that would help them get more profit out of them. This book takes us deep into the crop plantations and the slave life and community. In the book, the author Daina Berry, applies the following word, "working social"…show more content…
In many occasions when she talked about the numbers of slaves in plantations she used tables. At the end of chapter one when she was talking about the gender, skill and productivity, she provided some images to show how slaves worked during the day on plantations fields. The images also showed how pregnant women would still be working in the fields almost until they were ready to give birth. We can also see how the children, at a very young age, they were already in the fields with their parents. In the back of the book, Berry provided some tables that contained the occupation, the name of the slave and the age. She provided the names of the plantations, the owners, and how many slaves were for each plantation, she also included some of the names of the slaves and more information that she used during the course of the book. She also mention some names of authors from other books that talked about slavery and what she needed to make her research better. Slave owners, in many occasions divided labor by skill and not by gender, which meant, regardless if you were a women or a child they would force you to work. “Although skilled labor did provide certain physical and material privileges, especially in the trades, being a skilled labor was also really though and was under so much pressure and danger” (p. 14). Numerous of women were skilled cotton pickers, if not all, multiple were even better than many male slaves. Slavery, as many know, it provided the cheapest labor and the easiest way to spend less money and make more profit for agricultural

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