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The Microsoft commercial aired during the 2014 Super Bowl is narrated by Steve Gleason, a former NFL player. Gleason uses Microsoft’s Surface Pro, running Tobii’s eye gazer technology, to communicate and inspire those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, essentially leaving him wheelchair bound. In this commercial, Gleason explains how technology helps by empowering people. Through the use of trustworthiness, logical appeals, and its numerous sensory details, Microsoft presents the role of its technology in its customers’ lives in an innovative light. Microsoft’s ad is not necessarily centered on its specific products, but rather on how its…show more content…
First, the Microsoft brand itself establishes credibility as it is one of the leading software and programming companies in the world. This commercial employs the company’s character as a mode of persuasion. Being one of the most successful companies in its industry, the viewer knows that the product that the commercial is advertising is going to be good. In addition, Microsoft’s ad further establishes credibility by giving specific examples on how their technology has changed lives. First, using Steve Gleason to narrate the ad establishes this ad’s credibility. It does so by showing him using the Surface Pro technology effectively to narrate this ad and communicate with his son -- showing the viewer how effective the product is. This ad then goes on to shows how Microsoft technology is used to develop prosthetic limbs that can help people walk, help the blind paint, and help innovate medical procedures, unite people across the globe, and give hearing to the deaf. This shows its profound impact on people’s lives as well as the versatility of its products by illustrating multiple industry that have grown reliable and dependent on Microsoft’s technologies such as Halo Lens, Surface Pro and Office

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