How Is Gran Torino Related To Sociology

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Gran Torino: Synopsis The film Gran Torino is an American drama film directed and produced by visionary, Clint Eastwood, who also stars in the film. The story is about a man named Walt Kowalski, whom is a Korean War veteran who has recently lost his wife and has alienated himself from his family and has become livid at life and the world. Walt moves out on his own and discovers his new community definitely has a culture barrier. His neighbor, Thao becomes pressured by his cousin “Spider” into stealing Walt's preciously adored 1972 Ford Gran Torino as a gang initiation. After this event Walk makes a friend and beings to obtain a relationship with Thao. After Thao's attempt at stealing Walt’s car, Thao’s mother makes him work for Walt…show more content…
In the film the actual Gran Torino in the film serves two popular cultures—representing Walt’s 1972 culture, and the current Hmong gang culture. To Walt, the Ford beauty represents what was, what was once great. The white Honda driven by the Hmong gang is also a form of popular culture. Modified, spoiler on the back, complete with a boom box, the gang’s identity and power is exemplified in everything the car provides them. Hip-hop or rap music stereotypically contains obscene language, promoting violence and crime. “Gran Torino” does not stray from this stereotype and the music heard booming from the gang’s car portrays what is popular with gangs and therefore, is considered part of this Hmong gang’s popular culture. In the film “consumables” are a form of popular culture that reflect status, personal taste, and culture. Walt enjoyed drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beer which tells us that he favors the regional flavor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the beer displays his preference for the 1970’s culture once again, as Pabst’s popularity seen its peek during that era. Later in the movie, Walt’s “popular” preference for Pabst must be replaced with Heineken while at his Hmong neighbor’s

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