Microeconomic And Macroeconomics Analysis

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Economic relations are an important part of human life and it has a significant impact on individuals and on the entire state. It is impossible to ignore the interaction with other subjects and insulated from them. It is not surprising that scientists have studied for several centuries the circle of this relationship closely to identify interrelated patterns. Separation theory of micro and macroeconomics allowed to answer various questions which humanity facing. Macroeconomics – is the section of economic theory, which studies the interaction of systems and the economy as a whole. All events are studied together and not split into the individual elements. The range of issues is studying: • Employment; • Economic growth; • Balance of Trade;…show more content…
The key different factors between microeconomics and macroeconomics: Understanding the economics of both different sections it is best manifested in practice. They are interconnected and act as the general and the particular. Through the comparison, we can say that microeconomics studies the structure of the house, but does not notice the district or town, meanwhile, macroeconomics – studies the functioning of cities, where you cannot notice the individual structures in enough close details. The interest of macroeconomics is the general price level, but for micro - the cost of individual goods and services. Thus, manifest different approaches to the understanding of inflation and it is differently estimated its value. Macroeconomics examines national income of the state, region or the world, and microeconomics - miscellaneous income of firms or households. Scientists who deal with macroeconomics, interested in national production, while their colleagues from the other camp – interested in the effectiveness of a particular company and its activities. The following table shows the main differences between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in short form: Factors Microeconomics…show more content…
Many parts of economic theory are included in both these areas. Thus, until recently unemployment considered to be a purely macroeconomic problem. Now, it is analyzed and at the micro level as well. Since the conclusion for macroeconomics comes from studying data in macroeconomic level, such as the interaction of many households and firms, macro- and micro-economics are closely related to each other. By studying the economy as a whole, it is necessary to take into account decisions of individual economic agents. For example, when researchers are analyzing the factors of aggregate demand , it is necessary to take into account the decisions of households with respect to today's consumer spending in their relationship with the savings . The total investment will grow only in case of improvement of the investment climate for the many individual firms. Consequently, foundations of macroeconomics laid at the micro level

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