Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

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I read 400 pages of Jurassic park by Michael Crichton. I would give the book a 10 because it has a very interesting story. If I was the author of the book, I would have taken out the first thirty pages of the book because it was just a small build up to a very insignificant moment in the story. In the beginning of the book, a small dinosaur that had escaped from Isla Nublar had ended up on a beach where it bit a little girl and sent her to the hospital to get it checked. This event results in Alan Grant receiving a fax from Columbia medical center with an x-Ray of the skeleton revealing to Alan that there may be a currently living dinosaur species. I would take this part of the book out because it is largely insignificant and gives the book…show more content…
This enables the book to be much more descriptive and realistic and shows off how the author was able to advance the plot and results in a higher level of detail. The complexity of the characters like Jon Hammond whose greed and lack of good judgement end up endangering everybody in his park, and Ian Malcolm who is constantly criticizing Hammonds park by claiming things like the fence integrity would fail, which it did. The level of animosity and friendship allows for good dialogue between characters. Finally, the variety of characters allows for characters like Tim who gives a good perspective on what's happening and is also more knowledgeable than almost everybody else on the island. Tim also provides a compelling and interesting account when he found the injured tyrannosaurus and his sister said "I hope he's dead" Tim replied by saying "He's a carnivore, he was just doing what he does" Tim had to be a very big person to forgive the dinosaur that tried to eat him and his sister because he knew that it was just following its…show more content…
They are big leathery birds", and "Dinosaurs had non nucleated blood cells, as do modern birds." It may seem that they were put in there to have a dramatic effect but there were smaller dinosaurs, amassicus, that was able to kill a newborn baby. The author also didn't have to chose velociraptors to be the antagonist because there are a myriad of other dinosaurs that are terrifying enough without giving it uncharacteristic traits. I am surprised that with an operation so dangerous as genetically creating dinosaurs for entertainment that the park is so underprepared for an emergency and overlooked so many issues. One of the things that I am the most flabbergasted at is that the park doesn't supply Muldoon with better weapons to take on the dinosaurs. In an operation that could result in the casualties of hundreds of people Hammond shows no concern in a backup plan and relies on John Arnold's virtual system which inevitably fails according to Malcolm's chaos

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