Corrupt Government In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Debarshi Basak Chen/Wigton World Core ⅚ 1 October, 2015 Corrupt Boys, Corrupt Government Governments or forms of governments are present in any group, despite it being a tribe, city, or even a country. It is essential for the government system to be powerful to keep its control, but also fair to listen to what its citizens want and to provide what they want. These are what makes the living of society long and prosperous, but in Golding’s Lord of the Flies, a plane with a group of boys is shot down into an uninhabited island. They vote on a leader, Ralph, to govern their group, but he is not able to command the boys effectively. The boys on the island in Golding’s Lord of the Flies failed to effectively govern themselves because they lacked…show more content…
John Locke was an important philosopher and political theorist during the 17th century (Conolly). He strongly believed that there should be no abusive governments or slavery, to ensure that all people have fair rights. Some of these rights included the right to live, the right to freedom, and the right to property (Biographical Briefing on John Locke). Locke’s theory states that equal rights are vital in keeping a government functional, because without this component it would lead to more power being summoned over to one person or group, than the vast majority. If enough power is given to a person so he/she is able to control other people, the form of government could become a dictatorship, which would be unfair for society and could cause mass destruction due to unfair rights. Jack’s decision to make his form of government have no natural rights goes against John Locke’s theory. With his tribe not having any sources of fire, he decides, “We shall take [Piggy’s glasses] from the others” (Golding 161). Since Piggy’s glasses are the only source that the boys use to light the fire, Jack decides to steal it from Ralph’s camp. From this act of…show more content…
Hobbes was a different type of philosopher than many others, and believed that everyone was naturally born evil. To make sure that a government is effective in ruling people and from preventing chaos, he believed that there should be one king and/or queen to rule the whole land, otherwise known as an absolute monarchy (Biographical Briefing on Thomas Hobbes). This was so one or two people would hold all the power, and must be bold in order to make sure the government functions correctly. His theory firmly states that a ruler should lead with an iron fist, because without it, there would be no form of a leadership, causing a form of anarchy within society and leading to the start of an unfair ruling. Ralph’s position as a weak and unauthoritative leader of the group directly contrasts Hobbes’s idea which causes the form of government on the island to collapse. Ralph has a lot of trouble trying to keep everything together, and even Jack tells him, “You’re chief. You tell ‘em off” (Golding 51). Throughout their stay on the island, Ralph does not maintain a proper and bold way to act as a leader. Due to this weakness, the other boys mess around on the island, causing nothing to get done. His act of not applying any punishments to the boys lets everyone take advantage of him. His ability to not take control on each of the groups causes the fire to burn

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