The Stranger Language Essay

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The theme of hostility and suffering in The Stranger is evident the language of this passage with Meursault and the Arab on the beach. The language in the passage uses the sun to express the the suffering of mankind and to question the difference between reality and fiction. The important factor to pay attention to is Camus does not explicitly declaring the heat of the sun. The use of the word “And this time”, this indicates the Meursault has dealt with the Arab before. However, when saying those words show a tone of annoyance. The Arab, in return, has a response when he sees Meursault: He “drew his knife and held it up to me”. The use of the word “drew” is implying the Arab is unsheathing his knife slowly. Instead of the use of the words “pulling out” or “grabbed”, the word “drew” is expressing the slowness of dragging…show more content…
The Meursault gets closer to the Arab, the more destruction the sun takes an impact on him. The intensity of the sun correlates to the amount of tension between the two men. The use of “shot off” expresses the the speed and the impact of the sun’s light. When one is shot or shot off, one is hit with or is moving at extreme speed. This is a comparison of the sun’s light being a bullet ricocheting of of the knife and embedding itself in Meursault's sensitive face. This use of wording and the use of “a long blade cutting into my forehead” shows the intensity and hostility from the sun and Arab. Here, the sun and the Arab work together to hurt Meursault. The Arab is acting like the assailant and the sun is his weapon. The sun was is a symbol of a godly source power and the fact it was connected to weaponry this demonstrate the amount of leverage the Arab has on Meursault. However, without realization, It seems as if the Arab is hurting him even though he was done completely
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