Weighted GPA System Analysis

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According to National Center of Education Statistics, in fall of 2015 around 20.2 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities. From these students they either had an unweighted or weighted GPA system throughout their high school years. Enabling students to get above a 4.0 GPA from taking AP classes. This creates a divide in the academic system due to the fact that some schools including my own, don’t give students the opportunity to achieve such an academic accomplishment. The East Jackson School Board should implement a weighted GPA system so students who take AP classes actually have incentives. How would it make you feel if you took the challenge to take a difficult class, but still were compared to students who took basic classes? That’s the case with the students at East Jackson High School. Over the past four years of high school, I learned first hand that colleges recognize the difficulty in classes a student has taken and that process plays a major factor in the decision process of accepting students in their institutions. However, during high school when you take an AP classes over a basic class there are no incentives given to a student, unlike other schools that use a weighted GPA system.…show more content…
Instead of setting themselves short by believing there’s no reason for taking an AP class. Also this one step can prepare students for college more than any other way possible. Lastly showing students that their hard work for taking AP classes has paid off, enables them to earn a GPA above a

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