Metamorphosis In Raymond Carver's The Cathedral

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Raymond Carver’s short story The Cathedral was published in 1983. The story is told from a 1st person point of view which is when only one character is speaking and their thoughts are known at all times. The most important moment in this story is at the end, when a man who before now has been very closed off emotionally, a man who has been rude and acted as a person without emotions. Suddenly he makes a connection with another human being, and this is a breakthrough for him. Making a cathedral with the blind man is the moment when “Bub” learns how to connect with another person, and opening up a bit. He’s not controlling the situation, and he’s trusting another person. In the Cathedral the man, which is the narrator, experiences a life changing. For many of us it can be hard trusting another person and opening up as Bub did because we can be to preserved and think we know it all. This story can represent a theme of metamorphosis. Even though a metamorphosis only happens in a biological process, it can happen to a human too. Just as a caterpillar turns into a…show more content…
And his emotions are quite shown to be special, he realized that he is now secured about himself. That basically changes him completely, by willing to open up like he did. A person who doesn’t like having new experience has trouble dealing with them when a time comes and it’s necessary to do it. We can see this when Robert, the blind man asks the narrator to describe how a cathedral looks. At first the narrator makes couple comments in how a cathedral may look like but he does not fall into many details until he starts drawing it. For the narrator it is difficult to let go of his pride and insecurity. When the narrator starts drawing the cathedral he falls deeply into trying to finish it but when Robert tells him to close his eyes we see a kind of trust. Trust because the narrator doubts but believes in

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