Nadil In Anorexia Nervosa Summary

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Nadil and Casper meet for the first time in the desert. Nidel is the antagonist and is very shy and sneaky. Casper is the protagonist. He’s adventurous and brave. He will do anything to protect his sister’s and make sure that they are okay. Casper has lost both his parent’s and have no idea where they are. He keeps hope and wonders if his parents are looking at the same moon he looks at every night. Him and his sister Cassie find jobs that way they can keep their sister’s from starving to death. They live in the middle of the Sahara Desert in El Azizia, Libya. The average temperature is 96.8 degrees fahrenheit. This story is set in 1914 right before World War 1 breaks out. Since both parents are gone the two oldest are forced to step up and…show more content…
He has to figure out how he’s going to get out of the cave he’s trapped in, but more importantly he has to figure out how he’s going to make it home to all of his little sister’s. Nadil is trying to make it rich off of the poor people. He found Casper and realized instantly that Casper was in need of work and do as he said. He took advantage of Casper and knew that he could overpower him. He decided to put Casper in the cave to get him to go find the treasure and to take himself out of harm's way. Nadil executes his plan by saying he will give Casper a silver coin. The coin alone would feed him and his sisters for over a year. Casper uses is head to outsmart the sneaky Nadil and also gets a little bit of luck to go with it. Nadil decides that it’s best to put a big lid over the cave entrance that way he can get away. This also means that Casper would be stuck down there and would probably die. Casper decides that he can not give up so he starts thinking of ways to get himself out. Nadil is doing this because it makes him rich and puts him ahead of people. Casper decides he needs to get out because his sister’s need him. He’s the only one they have now that mom and dad are

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