Benefits Of Being Grateful Essay

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Be in a state of joy thinking of what is good in your life and you will have more of it by the universal law of increase. If you are a spiritual person then you might already know the benefits of being grateful because when you are not and you constantly think of what is unpleasant in your life by the same law you will get more of it, there is no exception to it. Have you seen people cry when they pray? Of course, you would have because that is how most people do it. Some of them even believe that the more you shed tears the more is the chance of your prayer getting answered but do they really get what they want? They see god as some kind of superpower in front of whom they have to beg and cry to get what they want. But that is a false thinking, if you will cry you will…show more content…
What if you were given the power for a day like in the movie Bruce Almighty, would you do well for people who keep begging for a better life or will you bless those who are genuinely happy knowing that you know better. God is not a person but like in all other cases universe responds to praise by blessing you with more fortune. You are not pleasing the higher power here but you are simply being in harmony with the laws. Appreciation and the Attitude of Gratitude These two are great keys to live a joyful life because where your focus goes energy flows, which attracts more alike life situations. This is why similar patterns keeps on repeating in a person’s life because once something happens, a person forms a belief that this is what is always going to happen and that’s what he gets. So, one wise thing that you can do to live a life of your desire is to be grateful about the things in your life that makes you happy. Research works have shown that attitude of gratitude can make you a more cheerful person by increasing your happiness

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