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Laocoon and His Sons are being attacked by two snakes which represents a form of punishment. Laocoon and His Sons was sculptured by three architects which were, Athenodors of Rhodes, Polydorus of Rhodes and Agesander of Rhodes around the dates of 42 BCE to 20 BCE. Its provenance is Greek sculpture of the Hellenistic Period. The white marble piece can be found at the Vatican Museums in Vatican City. The statues are nearly life – size with heights ranging from 6ft 10in x 5ft 4 in x 3ft 8in. Laocoon and His Sons represents punishment from one of the gods in Ancient Greece to strike fear into the citizens. Laocoon and His Sons is three strong men being wrapped up by two snakes all made out of white marble. Laocoon in the statue is the center person out of the three with snake about to pierce his poisonous fangs into his right side of his hip which will cause his death. Laocoon also has another snake wrapped around is right calf, which is squeezing the life out of him. Laocoon powerful arms are trying to pull the upper snake off him. He has his right hand clinched around the snake’s throat, while his left arm is trying to throw the snake off his upper body. Laocoon recognizes the defeat caused by the snake’s poisonous bite. He screams out in agonizing pain. The lower snake connects Laocoon and his two sons, while the upper snake is only wrapped…show more content…
His face recognizes his freedom is possible but it would mean leaving his father and brother to die this painful death. While on the left side of Laocoon, his other son has been bitten by the snake on the left side of his rib cage. He is reaching for his father help in agonizing pain. Only to find his father cannot save him so he stares at his father looking for reassurance that everything will be okay after his

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