Mealworms Lab Report

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In this experiment two mealworms were placed in different climates to see how the different climates impact their ability to eat. The first climate is going to be 9 degrees Celsius while the second is going to be 30 degrees. Since, meal worms usually live in warm dark places while eating and storing energy to become a pupa and eventually beetles (mealwormcare), it must be important to their survival to be in a warmer climate. Survival is the state or fact of continuing to live or exist. Their ability to accomplish basic tasks in colder temperatures can be shown by placing them in a cold environment for a short time and seeing if they are able to do a basic task like eat. In this experiment the independent factor is going to be the temperature…show more content…
repeat steps 4-7 for the second petri dish keep the first petri dish at room temperature measure room temperature with 2 different thermometers when you get two thermometers that say the same temperature record the temperature in the chart place 4 ice cubes in tin foil and wrap around the bottom of the second petri dish stick 2 thermometers through the tin foil, under the second petri dish and on top of the ice cubes to measure temperature of second petri dish when the second petri dish temperature reads 9 degrees Celsius (on both thermometers) bring both petri dishes up to the instructor and get one worm for each petri dish let the worms stay in the petri dish for 2 mins have instructor take the meal worms out of the petri dishes carefully dump the remaining food from the first petri dish into the 1st measuring tray place the first measuring tray onto the scale subtract the weight of the measuring tray to find out how much food is left subtract the amount of food left from the original amount of food to find out how much food the meal worm ate record amount of food eaten in chart repeat steps 17-21 for second petri dish and measuring tray to clean up put left over oats back into oat bag throw out ice cubes and tin…show more content…
A meal worm was placed in a warm climate, at 30 degrees Celsius, and another in a cold climate, at 9 degrees Celsius. The worm in the warmer climate ate .10 grams of oats and the worm in the colder climate ate nothing. In watching the meal worms in the petri dishes, the one in the colder climate almost looked like it was paralyzed and didn’t eat anything. The one in the warmer climate moved around and ate oats. This proves that meal worms need to be in a warmer climate to survive. There are potential sources where errors could have occurred in the experiment. One error source could be if all the oats did not transfer from the measuring dish to the petri dish. In this case, it could have looked like the meal worm ate more than it did. Another source of error could happen if the worm chosen for the second petri dish just ate for another experiment and wasn’t hungry. In the future, it would be better to use more worms in each dish to make

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