Daughters Of The Sun And Moon Analysis

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Scott Zesch in his chapter 4 “daughters of the sun and moon” is trying to explain the condition of Chinese women in late 19th century living in Los Angeles society. He shows how Chinese women were treated during that period and in my point of view, in this chapter he provides insight of how Chinese women who immigrated to America and live here with America’s beliefs and reactions towards them, and how they made differences between them and the other white people in the society. The emphasis of the writer is more on first experiences of immigrants (men and women) and considering their conditions before and after immigration. As I could find throughout this chapter with the first beginning of 19th century Chinese immigration to the United States have lots of problems and difficulties. Before World War II, due to the many factors such as cost of making journey to United States and harsh working conditions and traditional duties of…show more content…
The attraction of the "land of gold" was phenomenal and hopeful. Unfortunately, often times, the women immigrating for economic opportunity weren’t able to achieve their dreams and found themselves trapped into slavery and prostitution, as they were not educated and experienced they couldn’t find a suitable job in order to make life for themselves, instead they forced to work as labor but regarding to the difficult conditions and eventually beautiful girls with attraction sold into the sex trade and Unethical behavior of American people they didn’t have any choice but prostitution. For many Chinese men the cost of supporting not only themselves, but their wives as well was too great and they simply couldn’t afford it so they leave them at home to look for job opportunities. Chinese immigrants in the 19th century who worked as laborers were not satisfied with working conditions and social behavior and suffered racial perception at every level of

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