Mcdonald's Advertisement Analysis

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The United States has hundreds upon thousands of advertisements that are made for consumers to look at on a daily basis. While the consumers are looking at the advertisement, it allows him or her to see and think about the product that is being shown. McDonald’s has a lot of advertisements, but one of their most famous advertisements is the one that shows the California burger, the Texas burger, and the New York burger. This advertisement tells the consumer that all Americans should enjoy McDonalds. This advertisement has many ways of showing why McDonalds is for American consumers, for example, slogans are in all the great advertisements, and McDonalds has one of the best slogans out there. The slogan is the first of many ways this advertisement…show more content…
This slogan might be shorter than what most consumers are used to reading, but most Americans would agree that this slogan gets the point across better than a lot of other advertisements. The slogan states, “Tastes of America.” This slogan implies that the burgers that are on the advertisement contain something that will satisfy a national appetite. However the slogan does not only satisfy our appetite for food, but it also fuels the appetite of the mind, body and soul of America. This advertisement is unique because it can mean different things to different people. One message that this slogan could mean that burgers and fries are the only things people eat in the United States. Another thing about the slogan is it states, “Tastes” which means there is a variety of options people can choose from. This slogan captures the consumer’s interest, so if one ever wants to…show more content…
This background of the American flag put a lot of thoughts into the consumers’ minds. Patriotism is put into the minds of the consumer, because when you see the flag in the background it makes the person looking at the advertisement think about America and it might even make that person think if he or she is being patriotic enough. If this consumer feel like he or she is not being patriotic enough they might see the American flag background on the McDonalds advertisement and deside to go and buy a burger so he or she can feel more like a true American. When he or she is looking at the advertisement they feel like the patriotic thing to do is to buy a burger. He or she could also think that if they do not buy a burger then they are not true Americans and they are letting down the American race by not going to his or her nearest McDonalds and purchasing a sensationally mouthwatering delicious California burger, Texas burger, or New York burger. Also people might not think they are being patriotic. The American flag background could also be interpreted as a since of community, not only with family members, close friends and neighbors, but also with everyone in the United States of America. This essentially means that America should be coming together as a whole through the McDonalds

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