Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

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I’ve written this letter to you in order to inform you of the many wonders found in New England. We are currently in the year 1640, so many puritans have moved during the Great Migration. The main colonial town is Boston, but the colony name is the Massachusetts Bay colony. Although the colony isn’t the richest, the wealth is stable, helping the economy stay balanced and avoid poverty. This colony has certainly excelled my expectations in being in a new world with a better future for me and my family. The well being of families and economical stability contributes greatly to the high standard of living in New England. After the persecution of many Puritans, many of them sought to make a change which led to the establishment of the colonial…show more content…
In 1637, the Pequot war began. While the Pequot was on their own, we had our two Native allies, and so after the attacks, the war ended in 1638 when the Pequot was exterminated. So in all honesty, our relationship with the Indians have been both, with accommodation and conflict. Nonetheless, our reasons behind the war correlate to our safety and well being. Yet, so you know, that is the only issue we have had with the Northern Indians so far. Also, in order to avoid further conflict with the Natives, they were set in praying towns. These praying towns are a way for them to demonstrate themselves into turning to Christianity and they serve as colonial informants to prove their loyalty. This way, they get protection by the English and retain land. As you know, New England is located to the east, near the Atlantic Coast and nearby rivers, which gives us leverage in fishing, trading, fresh water, and traveling, which is why we get so involved in shipping in order for our economy to better adapt. All these things add up and makes us a stronger colony, which is all the more reason why you should come to New England. While we remain on the east, we tend to neglect the middle area in the middle colonies, not paying much attention or

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