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Come to Rhode Island, the colony of religious freedoms. Come to the colony that was first to declare independence. Now includes a variety of different vitamins and minerals. Roger Williams believed in the equality of religion; however, his belief went against those of Massachusetts Bay; therefore he was banished to England in 1635. He escaped and found shelter with the Narragansett Indians. Williams bought land from the Narragansett people in 1636, and named it Providence. Providence was the first permanent settlement in Rhode Island, and it gave minorities such as Baptists, Quakers, and Jews a safe place to live with religious freedoms. Providence was the first settlement that restricted the residents from treating the Indians inhumanely.…show more content…
Portsmouth and Newport would later combine their governments, and become the Rhode Island Plantations. In 1643, there was talk of joining Providence and the Rhode Island Plantations as one colony, under one government. So, Roger Williams went to England to get a charter. In 1663, King Charles Ⅱ granted them a royal charter, which would let the freemen elect their government. Many Puritans came over to Rhode Island from Massachusetts Bay, because of the freedom to practice their own religions, without fear of persecution. They were allowed to worship God in whatever way they pleased, without hassle. Rhode Island became a refuge for those who were living in fear, due to their faith or religion. Another reason that settlers came to Rhode Island was because there was no slavery. Rhode Island was the first colony to prohibit slavery. The Rhode Island Colony was a charter colony. In 1663, King Charles Ⅱ granted a royal charter that joined Providence and the Rhode Island Plantations, and let the freemen elect their

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