Marie Colvins Character Analysis

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The human race isn’t very experienced with surviving on their own, so when people are stuck in a bad situation most panic. The way a human thinks and acts is much more important than the experience and equipment they have. In order for a human to survive in situations where it is either life or death, they need to be optimistic when times seem hopeless, Dauntless when the situation is dangerous and have the motivation to move on even when it looks hard. Characteristics like these can be the deciding factor between whether a person lives or dies. Everyone is different but the fact that we all go through hard situation is still very much real, in order for humans to survive we need to be prepared mentally and physically. Many people see optimism…show more content…
In a dangerous situation it is very important that one does not give up, because there is always a chance they can survive. This is a trait that dauntlessness will grants a person. A good example of dauntlessness is Marie Colvins, she was a war correspondent. War correspondents have a very dangerous job and cannot afford to be fearful about what might happen to them. They need to be able to fight for what they believe in, which is that everyone deserves to know the truth about war. Marie Colvins was doing her job one day when she was suddenly inside the battle and she ended up injured, she lost one of her eyes (Colvins.) For some this would be devastating, most would probably quit and find a new job. The people who move on, and doing what they believe in, they are dauntless. People who are dauntless are also very determined, they can keep moving even though they are in a terrifying situation. An ordinary man, named paul was a hotel manager when war broke out. Soldiers were sent to the hotel to kill him and everyone in the hotel. Paul was scared, but he came through and bargained with the soldiers. He saved the entire hotel (rusesabagina.) This shows dauntlessness because even though paul was scared he was determined to save himself and the whole hotel. It shows that even when the odds are stacked against you, you can still

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