Chemical Warfare Research Paper

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How possible is chemical warfare? Some may ask, exactly what is that? Imagine laying in a trench, men on each side of you, as you fight for your country then the sound of shells flying by, pow, pow, pow, boom, boom…and then there is a gas but the soldiers can’t smell it. There’s nothing visible to the eye except a shell casing. It would take a soldier up to five weeks to see the effects of chemical weapons that’s if it hasn’t already killed him. Where did Chemical warfare originate from? What weapons made Chemical warfare possible? Do you think Chemical Warfare could happen now? How can we prevent Chemical warfare? Today our group will touch base on these specific questions and educate our all so handsome and beautiful classmates with the research…show more content…
The accessibility today of the development in these non-lethal chemical weapons is at a higher level. God bless the souls who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack which open America’s eyes to the possibility of insecure chemical weapons and stockpiles concerns (Shea, Report, 2013). This statement shows the reality of how possible chemical warfare is still today in this day and time. During World War 1, when the Germans released chlorine gas and then later in the same war used mustard gas against their allies, was the first documented use of poison gases (Encyclopedia, 2013, pg1). These uses of toxic substances go back several thousand years with hunting methods such as; poisoned arrows and spears (Vladimir Pitchman, 2014). These forms of combat are still present in today's military. The discovery of gunpowder in the middle ages made the development of the transfer of toxic substances into chemical warfare conditions (Vladimir Pitchman, 2014,…show more content…
By utilizing chemical weapons, the military could essentially attack the enemy and not be heard or seen. Mustard gas was deadly, silent and invisible. It penetrated clothes and burned the skin of soldiers forcing them out of their trench (Schultz, 2014). In 1980-1988 sulfur mustard was used in the Iraq-Iran war (Revill, 2013). Government officials released mustard gas along with other chemical weapons on military and civilians. This war was detrimental to the economy and people of Iraq/ Iran. There was an estimated 50,000 chemical victims from this war (Arch Iran Med. 2013 ). Studies show that despite of 24 years ago after ceased fire, that the wounded are one of the main health challenges in both countries and there is often death due to these illnesses (Mortality and Injuries among Iranians in Iraq-Iran War: A Systematic

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