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Mary Bell from the beginning was born into a very unstable life and home. Her mother Betty Bell who was only 17, single, and mentally unstable at that time to be having a baby. Eventually Betty married the father of Mary but it didn't mean there was going to be a stable home for her. Her father was frequently out of work and in trouble with the law. That was the story that she told everyone. the actually truth about Mary's mother was that she was prostitute who was often absent from the family home going to Glasgow to work. Mary was her first child. It is not known who Mary's biological father was, and for most of her life she believed it to be Billy Bell, an habitual criminal later arrested for armed robbery, who had married Betty some time…show more content…
She often left Mary with family members or even acquaintances. She one time went as far as giving her to a stranger she met on the street in front of an abortion clinic. It was rumored that Betty had attempted to kill Mary and make her death look accidental during the first few years of her life. Mary herself says she was subject to repeated sexual abuse, her mother forced her to engage in sex acts with men from the age of five. As you could tell Mary's life would not be that great. To top it off her house in Newcastle, England was extremely filthy and barely furnished. The area they lived in was an economically depressed area where domestic violence and criminal behavior was commonplace. To make matters worse at school Mary became a chronic liar and a very hard to teach. To top it off decided to start describing how much she wanted to hurt people during class. Then came May 11, 1968. Mary and Norma Bell were playing with a three-year-old child in a Newcastle castle air raid shelter. The boy fell several feet and was severely injured but the incident was wrote off as an accident. Then the very next day three mothers of little girls told the police Mary attacked their children and choke them. She was questioned and lectured by the police but no charges were ever

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