Witness To Tragedy: The Space Shuttle Columbia

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Space Shuttle Colombia On February 1st disaster struck the space shuttle Colombia. The shuttle was entering the Earth’s atmosphere on course to land at the Kennedy Space Center when it exploded. Thousands upon thousands of people saw the debris come down. They saw it from their homes, work and out in fields. Everyone who witnessed this event has a different memory of the event and also a different perspective based on that fateful day. For some people, they felt sadness for the families of the seven astronauts and others saw the massive clean up the event. The people who witnessed this event all have different perspectives on that day and it is interesting to see the similarities and differences in those perspectives. In a poem about the…show more content…
In the poem, Hall shows the reader a perspective of collective grief and sadness of those who weren't directly affected by the crash. In the article, “Witness To Tragedy: The Shuttle Columbia Disaster,” Dennis Bradford shows the perspective of the people who live in Nacogdoches, which is a county in Texas. Simliar to Hall’s poem, Dennis writes about the sadness felt on that day by the residents of Nacogdoches. Dennis shows this when he writes, “East Texans are planning memorials to the astronauts and volunteers. Eventually, there may be monuments, parks, and information centers” (Bradford 7). However, the article doesn’t focus on the sadness of the disaster, it focuses on the clean up of the county of Nacogdoches. Bradford writes that, “Thousands of volunteers searched fields and woods, lakes and back roads, to find and recover pieces of the shuttle and the remains of the seven who died.” Not only does this show the compassion of the people of Nacogdoches, but it shows how a tragedy can bring people

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