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Hop on the “Carousel” with Melanie Martinez If you watch the vocal talent show, The Voice, you may have heard of a young and beautiful girl by the name of Melanie Martinez. According to Wikipedia, Martinez was a member of Team Adam on the third season of the talent show ( Martinez is an American singer and songwriter ( Covering the song “Dollhouse” by Lana Del Rey, it seems that Martinez could be Lana’s little sister she never had. Lana and Martinez’s songs both have a sense to eeriness to them. Also, their voice is quite similar. Martinez has received inspiration from Lana and has a passionate desire for her level of music. Speaking of eerie music, Martinez’s song called “Carousel” has been used as the theme song of The American Horror Story show’s fifth season, Freakshow ( After this event, Martinez has gained her fame from this song with 14 million views on her music video. Carousel is about Martinez’s struggle to reach to the love of her beloved man. Martinez uses word choice and metaphors creatively in her song to resemble the setting of a carnival in her music video. In order to correctly state a stable message…show more content…
The season and the tune both have characteristics in common. They both are eerie and both take place in a carnival. Her writing skills are glorious and she knows how to make things fit. Martinez speaks about her song by saying, “My feeling in love with someone and being stuck on the same ride and trying to grab them, but I will never reach them.” When carefully listening and analyzing the song, the quote above was my exact conclusion about the message of the song. Therefore, Martinez knows how to precisely and correctly express her feelings through her lyrics. Even though she did not win on The Voice, having a song played in the most popular show of the country has definetley made her a

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