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Benefits of Choosing Marine Plywood for Construction Marine plywood is predominantly used for building boats. This special type of plywood is made from highest quality grade woods. Marine plywood is moisture resistant and this is the reason why they can be used for various applications. There are many obvious benefits of choosing marine plywood for building structures. Moisture and water resistant – Marine plywood deals effectively with moisture and is ideally used for construction of boats and other structures along the coast. Wet conditions are not handled efficiently by most types of woods. Wood tends to expand when water starts seeping into it. Over a period of time, this compromises the structural integrity and it leads to the rotting…show more content…
It maintains its structural integrity even if it bends or is twisted during the construction. Like other types of plywood, this type of wood does not automatically crack or snap and this makes it ideal plywood for various applications. Resistant to impact – Marine plywood is known to resist impact optimally. This is possible because the outer layer is dense and hard, and will not easily break or cause dent. This wood is used for constructing cabins where traffic will be high and where there is regular wear and tear. This type of wood can withstand a lot of abuse without any issues. Excellent finish – Marine plywood could be given a superior finish. The smooth surface is extremely soft to touch. Other type of wood is often rough on the surface and so is not suited for various projects. The soft-to-touch marine plywood eliminates any splintering during construction. The surface can be given any type of look or finish by creatively staining or painting it. In other words, marine plywood offers a plethora of design options. Building boats with marine plywood Small boats are usually made from marine plywood. These stitch and glue boats are created to perfection using this plywood that offers a range of advantages

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