Why Does Creon Earn The World's Obedience

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Because of Creon’s pride and sexism he refuses let Antigone go against his laws. While talking to his son Haemon about Antigone’s punishment, Creon states, “And no woman shall seduce us. If we must lose, let’s lose to a man at least, Is a woman stronger than we? (3.47-48)” Creon clearly states his sexist beliefs to Haemon and his pride in those beliefs produce bad judgement later in the play. Also while talking to Haemon Creon says, “If I permit my own family to rebel how shall I earn the world’s obedience? (3.30-31)” Creon craves the “world’s obedience” more than his own family’s well being. “Whoever is chosen to govern should be obeyed- must be obeyed, in all things, great and small, just and unjust!(3.35-37)” Creon takes much pride in the

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