Marcos Burial Massacre In The Philippines

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On November 18, St. Scholastica’s College Manila had a noise barrage about protesting against Marcos being buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The noise barrage contained students from the institution which meant that Grade School, High School and College students were included. It has then caused an uproar because of a post that Mocha Uson posted about how a parent of a grade school student in St. Scho was stating that the school didn’t give the students and parents a choice whether or not the students will go to the noise barrage since it was deemed as a requirement. Along with that, as proof, the parent provided a copy of a circular from St. Scho about how she or he is allowing the student to take part of the noise barrage. This has caused…show more content…
The Marcos Burial issue basically takes about how Marcos should or should not be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Some people say that students shouldn’t be protesting against it since we do know or have experienced nothing due to the fact that we weren’t born yet. But, in the way I see it whether or not we have been there or have experienced what has happened, it still happened. We still talk about it, it still affects us and the issue at hand which is whether or not Marcos should be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, is happening now. This is something that should everyone should be aware of since it is part of our history and is still affecting us. If it wasn’t such a big issue then people wouldn’t protest about, the government wouldn’t have to get involved and the media wouldn’t would make a fuss about the issue. Whether or not we were alive that time, there are still people who was there and experienced everything who are still alive that are living proof of the injustices and other bad things that happened during Marcos’s time that must not be foreseen. Also, if Marcos was supposedly deemed as a hero then there shouldn’t be a debate about it, people should see it as it is and people wouldn’t have to have “People Power Revolution” if Marcos had not done anything that would not consider him as a hero. Thus, this is why we Scholasticans and the youth

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