Man Vs. Society In Huck Finn

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There are many themes throughout Huck Finn but, I think the most dominant and important theme is man versus society. Man versus society is portrayed in many instances throughout the entire book. Huck faces many challenges both physically and mentally during his adventures with runaway slave, Jim. Both of their objectives are to become independent and free. Therefore their destination is north, where Jim is free from slavery and Huck cannot be found. As chapter 25 begins Huck and Jim are still with The Duke and The Dauphin, who Huck now knows are frauds. The Duke and Dauphin are pretending to be “English Uncles” of Wilk’s nieces. Huck expresses “I have never seen anything more disgusting”. Huck still knows right from wrong, he is a leader…show more content…
leading into chapter 26, Huck, Jim, The Duke and The Dauphin are living with the Wilk’s nieces. Huck still thinks it is very wrong and tells himself that he is going to get the money back, but the Duke is wanting to leave with all the things they have collected but the Dauphin convinces him they need to stay to collect more things before they actually leave. Huck being the genuine person he is steals the money back and leaves in order to get the money back to the nieces. Huck showing that he knows what is right and wrong shows what kind of person he is even though he does not have much either he does what is right and returns the money to the nieces. He sees the evil of being dishonest and stealing. He is going against The Duke and Dauphin, who are huge influences in the book at this point, this displays man versus society once…show more content…
They are finally exposed but continue to joke around and play tricks so they cannot prove the actual Wilk’s uncles are who they say they are. The mob goes crazy when the money is found in the coffin, and Huck manages to escape. They borrow a canoe to get the their own raft. Jim and Huck are both so happy they got away, but both of their hearts sink when they see The Duke and dauphin approaching the raft in a boat. They start to explain how they got away and how they believed someone else had planted the money. They travel together for days to outrun rumors and finally stop at a town to figure out a situation because The Duke and dauphin are afraid Huck and Jim are going to ditch them at any opportunity. Huck finds and opportunity to leave when the Duke and Dauphin get in bar fight but Huck cannot seem to find Jim. He confirms with a boy that the dauphin had sold Jim as a runaway slave. Huck begins to think he is being punished by God for helping away slave but as he begins to pray he remembers all the times he has had with Jim. Huck decides , “I’ll go to hell! I will steal Jim out of slavery.” Huck goes to the man holding Jim. The Duke slips where Jim is when Huck acts dumb and says “Where has Jim gone to?” but then changes his story and said he sold Jim forty miles away, so they make the

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