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St. Petersburg- “The Adventure Starts Here…” In chapter 2 page 5, Tom Sawyer writes, “We went tiptoeing along a path amongst the trees back towards the end of the widow’s garden, stooping down so as the branches wouldn’t scrape our heads. When we was passing by the kitchen I fell over a root and made a noise.” This experience impacted Huck’s development as a character because this was the first few things he did that was ‘adventurous’. Tom is one of the main reasons why he is who he is in the book, because he encourages Huck to do things. Later on they went into a cave and finds robbers for their gang. This sparks Huck’s development because of the influence he has with Tom. Pap’s Cabin- “The Great Escape” In chapter 7 page 35, Sawyer writes,…show more content…
… No, says I, I’d feel bad- I’d feel just the same way I do now” (113). This impacted Huck’s growth because of the way he felt towards treating Jim. Huck only learned how to treat the slaves by Miss Watson and that was to treat them miserably and rude. When Huck went with his feelings and felt bad for helping Jim, but actually he did the right thing. With the influence Huck had with Miss Watson, he feels as if it was a wrong thing to do but this helped shape his growth and have a bond with…show more content…
. . .We said there warn’t no home like a raft, after all. Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don’t. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft” (104). This passage contributes to Huck’s characterization because when he escaped from the Grangerford and Shepherdson feud he was frightened of the society they were in because the two families in the feud did not remember why they were. When Huck says “there ain’t nothing in the world so good when it’s cooked right” he went into the raft and Jim got him food, he was thankful and was happy because of how it felt free. This impacted his development because of how after he saw the two families fighting on their horses, he saw how corrupt society is and shows how we can’t escape the problems we have in this

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