Seated Figure Peru

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The vessel in the form of a seated figure created around 300 – 500 is from the Moche culture in Peru. The piece is a representation of a human figure because the piece itself is shape as a human. In addition, it seems that the artist who created this piece chose specific areas to help create the idea of a human. According to the museum plaque, “The seated figure wears a bag containing coca leaves, from which cocaine is made, for coca-chewing rituals. “ With that in mind, the artist must have created the figure as part of showing their culture. In addition, the figure might be part of the Moche, since the figure is carrying an item that is used for a ritual. Besides, The face of the figure contains the most detail from the piece. For example, the artist created the figure’s eye with pupils and eyelids. Also, the figure has a detailed nose, ears and well figured face structure of the jaw. That is to say that the artist might have approached to creating the piece more realistic.…show more content…
Although, there isn’t much detail, it’s obvious that the figure has legs, feet, arms and hands. There is a possible explanation for the lack of detail on the body, since the piece is a vessel and people had to fill vessel with water or liquid to carry. Be that as it may, the body of the figure is created in a sitting position and the artist didn’t emphasize the detail on the legs and arms. The legs are not shown clearly, but the figure’s feet are shown. Also, there isn’t a lot of emphasis on the arms, but the hands are clearly seen. In addition the figure doesn’t appear to have a neck and though majority of humans have necks the artist did not create one in this

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