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The development of English democracy had been one of the most substantial elements that led to the progress and prosperity of England. Throughout the centuries, people tried to abolish feudalism and establish a democratic government. Some important figures and factors were responsible for the emergence and the development of English Democracy. The struggle to attain democracy had occurred over several centuries, and eventually led to the transition from an absolute monarchy to a democratic constitutional monarchy. The march towards democracy started in 1215. England was governed by a despotic king called King John known as John Lackland. King Bad John was the youngest of five sons of king Henry the second and when his brother Richard I died in 1199. Eventually, King John sat to the throne of England, and he was notorious in history as it was believed that he had murdered prince Arthur, who was the grand son of King Henry II. King John antagonized many nations, especially France, and he demanded taxes from people to finance his wars with France, which angered the barons and the people even more.…show more content…
This charter was considered a first step towards democracy and one of the cornerstones of a democratic government. The Magna Carta was the first document in English history to limit the power of the monarch. Before the Magna Carta, people believed that the monarch was the absolute power; it consisted of 63 clauses, two of them established the basic rights for individuals. Moreover, the charter paved the way for the formation of a powerful

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