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Could you imagine a world without police officers and judges? Just imagine the chaos that would come without having the authoritative figures in the live of citizens. But once upon a time there were no police officers or judges. Through many years of trouble, we the people were able to create a system that not only brings justice, but keeps a balance in society. But still, one must wonder where exactly did it all come from? Systems of justice can be traced all the back to the times of Ancient Rome, but for the people of America, it goes back to the colonial times. Sure colonist had the experience of living under a strict monarchy in England, but this was America and it was time for a change. It was around 1215 that the Magna Carta and it’s sixty something clauses came along. The special thing about the Magna Carta was that, for the first time, even the king had to obey the law. Though it was made in Britain, it served as a framework the Bill of Rights which followed. The Bill of Rights were and still are the first 10 rights of…show more content…
Then in the Judiciary Act of 1789, the U.S. federal court system is created. As the year progress, one is able to see things that are still used in today’s system of justice. For example in 1820, the Auburn style of imprisonment comes around to New York. The Auburn Style of imprisonment is basically a system that is based off of the enforcement of silence. “Inmates worked in silence and were housed in individual cells but ate in common eating area” (ProQuest Staff). Nine years later, the British Prime Minister Robert Peel pulls together what is known as the first modern police force, London Metropolitan Police Force. This leads to the combining of day and night forces in New York to form the New York City Police Department, or more commonly known was

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