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Scenario MKT 113 - Week 7: Mall of America Kary Blanes Southern New Hampshire University The Mall of America is an ever popular mall that is about 4 times the size of the average regional mall. In order to reach not only locals, but also visitors, the Mall of America uses Marketing Strategies. They also use Marketing Research in order to find the different ways in how they should grow. Social Media is prevalent in mainstream America and should be used in specific ways to market not only the Mall of America itself, but also the stores within the Mall too. In order to capture the local and visitors target market, The Mall of America should create a SWOT analysis to identify organizational trends, competitors, make an assessment of itself and to research prospective and present customers. Once this is done, they can reach the local market by creating an incentive such as a discount to shop at any store inside the mall. This discount can be received by the consumer through direct marketing via postal mail and/or even printed from Facebook. In order to capture visiting markets, the strategy would have to be a little bit different. Although one can still print a discount from Facebook, it would be more inductive to…show more content…
Observing people to find out what stores people frequent most would give the information on what types of stores to group together or set apart. Asking customers through Questionnaires would generate new ideas and find out what people like or dislike the most, what should be changed and what should be added to further satisfy the customer. It can also answer the questions about what people want or need the most too. Creating a Poll on Facebook to find out which services people prefer, what type of stores should be added or even moved to a different location within the mall will also give insight into how to grow the

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