Alice In Wonderland Identity Essay

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In the novel Carroll uses the theme of the search for identity to provide a purpose for Alice’s journey. Initially when Alice arrives in Wonderland, she knows nothing about Wonderland and she struggles to learn. She also cannot answer simple questions about herself that the inhabitants of Wonderland ask her. Alice does these things because she lacks experience of this world and she does not know herself. Literary critic Stan Walker wrote about this aspect of the novel in his article,An overview of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, saying that, ‘’Alice's Adventures in Wonderland can be characterized as a fun house mirror version of a child's “journey” through the “adult” world, specifically the world of upper-class Victorian England. One of the main things that the child must grapple with on such a journey, and one of the principal…show more content…
Like children in the real world Alice knows nothing when she enters a new world, Thus she needs to learn. In his quote Walker also discusses the question of ‘’Who are you?’’ from, the scene of the novel where Alice meets the caterpillar, In this scene Alice exhibits her child like behavior when the text says,’’ I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid sir’’, said Alice,’’Because I’m not myself, you see.’’ ‘’I don’t see’’, said the caterpillar. ‘’I’m afraid I can’t put it more clearly’’, Alice replied politely, ‘’for I can’t understand it myself....’’(Lewis C. Carroll,Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, pg 37) This quote illustrates Alice struggling to answer simple questions about herself that the caterpillar asks her. Carroll uses the character of the caterpillar in the text,to test Alice on her knowledge of

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