Benoit Denizet-Lewis 'The Cult You' Re In

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American consumers want desperately to belong to something valuable so they participate in consumer culture to do so. Advertisers manipulate these consumers with persuasion, probably at a time where the consumer is vulnerable, making the consumer cult-like members of a metaphorical cult or consumer culture. Advertisers brainwash American consumers with false perceptions. They promise the consumer fulfillment, but never quite deliver on that promise. In “The Cult You’re In,” Kalle Lasn discusses how consumers do not have another identity beyond their consumer culture identity and the reason why consumers participate in consumer culture is because they have lack of fulfillment. In “The Man behind Abercrombie & Fitch,” Benoit Denizet-Lewis discusses…show more content…
Consumers aren’t satisfied, probably on how their lives turned out, so they think the answer to their dissatisfaction is to continue to purchase items. Lasn states, “You’re a lifer now. You’re locked and loaded. On the go, trying to generate more income to buy more things and then, feeling dissatisfied but not quite sure why, setting your sights on even greater income and more acquisitions” (380). According to Lasn, people think the answer to their problems is to continue to indulge in consumer culture. American consumers feel dissatisfied, but do not know why, so to feel satisfied, participating in consumer culture would be their only solution. Denizet-Lewis agrees with Lasn about how consumers aren’t genuinely satisfied by stating, “Next, Jeffries plans to open his first store overseas, in London and continue the transformation of A&F from American frat – bro wear to luxury lifestyle brand”(366). Jeffries is genuinely not satisfied, he isn’t happy so he tries to expand. He’s aware his brand cannot go on forever, so if something isn’t working, his only approach is to expand, expecting a different result. Denizet- Lewis satisfies Lasn’ argument with the detailed description of Jeffries not being genuinely satisfied or

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