Australian Constitution: Government And Powers Of The Parliament

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Commercial Law BB107 Dossier Assignment 1 Australian Constitution The Australian constitution is sets the rules by which Australia is run. It came into influence on the 1st of January, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. The Australian Constitution is set of rules by which Australia is run. The Australian Constitution consists of a mixture both the American concept of Federalism and the British concept of responsible government. In similarity to the British system, the executive and legislative are tied together. (Blackshield et all, 2010) The Australian Constitution describes the structure, duties, role and powers of the parliament. Explaining out how the government and parliaments share the ability to make laws. It also details the role of the executive government and the high courts. (Blackshield et all, 2010) The first three chapters of the Australian Constitution are titled respectively “The parliament Legislature”, “The Executive Government” and “The Judicature”. The constitution defines the parliament (legislative),…show more content…
Doctrine of separation of powers’ proposes that the three functions of government, legislature (making the law), executive (enacting the law) and judicial (interpreting the law).Under the power of separation model, the power to govern should be distributed between the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary to not allow one group having all the power. In Australia for example, despite the clear structuring of the first three chapters of the Constitution into descriptions of the executive, legislature and judicial branches of government, there is little separation between the first two executive, legislative branches of government. Unlike the American system that has a clear distinction between the three branches of government. (German,
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