Macbeth And The Tell Tale Heart Comparison Essay

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Every human born is different from the other. Even characters in literature piece of work are different from each other. Even though everyone is different, human or characters can share some similarities like character traits. This is the case in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and Edger Allan Poe’s short story “The Tell Tale Heart”. Macbeth in the play Macbeth and the narrator in the short story are similar because they are selfish led by absurd motives, are overconfident and are full of guilt. Firstly, Macbeth kills Duncan, the king of Scotland, for his selfish reason even though King Duncan has been a great king for the country. While he is planning to kill the King, he recognizes the good work king Duncan is doing when he says, “Besides,…show more content…
When witches show him apparition, who tells him how he can only lose if Great Birnam woods reach the castle, Macbeth becomes overly confident. He starts to believe that it is impossible for the woods to reach the castle since woods cannot move. He does not care about any enemy because he is confident that no one can beat him. This overconfidence leads to his downfall. He loses to Malcolm and the English army. On the other side, the narrator is extremely confident that no one will ever find about the murder. The way he hides the dead body of the old man, he thinks that it is close to impossible for someone to find the dead body. He tries many measures to make sure that dead body stay away from everyone’s eyesight. He replaces the board in order to hide the dead body. This overconfidence makes him blind since he is too busy convincing his mind that no one will find about the murder. This eventually leads to his downfall when he tells police about the murder and the dead body. Hence, the overconfidence of Macbeth and the narrator leads to their downfall. Lastly, Macbeth is full of guilt because he kills the king who he believes is a good

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