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• I have the privilege today of speaking on the launch of Lupus Awareness Week. • It is an important week to recognise the contribution of the Lupus Association of Tasmania, its volunteers, and of many here today, in support of those with Lupus. • And of course, it is an opportunity to raise awareness of Lupus in the community and the thousands of people it affects nationally. • The Lupus Association is a non-profit organisation that is run by volunteers, with the commitment to provide support for those with Lupus and provide education and research designed to identify the cause and find a cure. • And we wish the Lupus Association all the best as they continue their research into this disease. What is Lupus? • Lupus is a debilitating…show more content…
With the majority developing the condition between the ages of 15 and 45. However, Lupus can occur to anyone, regardless of age or sex. • The cause of Lupus is currently unknown. It is believed to be a combination of factors, including genetics, viruses, sunlight, stress and hormones. • Common symptoms are fatigue, joint pain and swelling, skin rashes and lesions made worse by the sun and anaemia. • Symptoms can vary considerably between those who suffer from it and the diagnosis may take time. • Those that live with Lupus, often deal with changes in their body, affecting their day-to-day activities. • They also must ensure that medication is taken regularly to control symptoms. You may wish to mention the below points: • There are two different types of Lupus, each with differing symptoms. The most severe form of Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or SLE) can affect organs such as the kidneys, lungs, heart and the brain. • The second form of Lupus – Discoid Lupus – is less severe and is characterised by a red scaly rash on sun exposed areas such as the face, scalp, arms and legs. A small number of people with Discoid Lupus may eventually develop SLE. Lupus: Diagnosis and

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