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Izanagi and Izanami Japan is a very interesting place, often thought of as having advanced technology, or the focus on the samurai and ninja, the deeper culture of Japan is often not thought of by many people. In actuality, Japan has much more than technology and warriors of old. One of the key Japanese myths playing a big part in their culture is that of the creation of the world, the story of Izanagi and Izanami. This story is full of teachings and morals, such as obedience, trust, and other good characteristics, along with explanations further than just the creation of the world Izanagi (The man who invites) and Izanami (The woman who invites) were the youngest (Izanagi being older) of seven godly siblings. The two of them were…show more content…
Eurydice like Izanami had died, and Orpheus, like Izanagi, followed her to the underworld. Orpheus was able to do this because of his spectacular musical skills, Izanagi because of his godly status. Hades made a promise with Orpheus that if Orpheus led Eurydice out of the underworld without looking at her, then Orpheus could keep his wife. Unfortunately, Orpheus looked back as he had crossed into the world of the living, but not while his wife did. Eurydice turned around and returned to the underworld. Orpheus tried to follow, but this time he was not permitted to enter. The story of Orpheus and Eurydice also teach to obey and trust Orpheus, like Izanagi, looked at his dead wife when he had been told not to. This caused Eurydice to be forced to return and stay in the underworld. Had Orpheus trusted his Eurydice to be following him, he could have obeyed in not looking back until an adequate, or perhaps more than adequate amount of time had passed so Eurydice had surely crossed over. Another idea shared by these stories share is that it is folly to try to bring people back from the dead. Izanagi escaped just barely, and brought death to mankind, while Orpheus accomplished nothing but more sorrow and guilt for himself. One final comparison is that both stories teach people to be patient. If Izanagi had waited for Izanami perhaps she would have been able to convince the gods of Yomi to let her leave. Also, Orpheus would have been able to bring his wife back from the dead if he had been a little more patient. It is interesting how many common ideas these myths share, however human beings are quite similar, so it is likely that these were created despite each

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