Love In Edna St. Vincent Millay's Poems

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Edna St. Vincent Millay was an American lyrical poet and play writer. She lived from 1892-1950 and was married to Eugen Jan Boissevian between 1923 and 1949. Edna had also been in a movie called Hitler’s Madman. Anne Bradstreet the author of the second poem was the first poet and female writer in the British North American colonies to be published. Anne was born in 1612 and lived to 1672. Her spouse which she married in 1628 was Simon Bradstreet. Both of these poets were born in completely different time periods and you can tell very much so by the way they have written their poem. In Edna’s poem we see the love is not the priority at the time yet it is still there, seeing how Edna survived both WWI and WWII she had probably seen a lot of bad…show more content…
This is a major difference between Edna’s poem and Anne’s poem, in Anne’s poem you can see more love and a stronger religious aspect. When Anne was alive a lot of new comers to America had relied in religion to get them through the hard days of work. Also in her poem she talks about how her love for someone is greater than anything else, she gives many examples of how her love is strong. The tones between the two poem seem very different to me, for Edna’s poem it seem casual almost cynical or skeptical, she appear to be anti-romantic in a way this is the complete opposite for Anne’s poem which is endearing, emotional, and passionate a very romantic poem. Both of these poems don’t have the same content one poet believes love is the most powerful thing and the other is more concerned with real life troubles. The themes on the other hand are a little bit the same, they both have to do with love but in comparison of the two I have to enquire to you what do you believe in? Should love take control of your life, and will you always be happy with it, or maybe should you be more concerned with trying to provide for your family or trying to excel in

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