Loss In Poetry Of Emily Bronte And Thomas Hardy

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Loss is everywhere around us. It comes in many different forms. Sometimes we lose a loved one, a beloved object, or even a sporting event. It’s not how we take the loss, but how we deal with it. Emily Bronte and Thomas Hardy were both poets in the Victorian Era that both wrote on the subject of loss. In Bronte’s poem “Remembrance” the speaker had lost her husband who she was afraid to let go of. The speaker was ready to move on with her life and make something of it and no longer live in the past she had become accustomed to. In Hardy’s poem “A Darkling Thrush” the speaker had gone out on a walk and was reminded, by a bird that flew overhead, that there was hope for the loss that he had received. Thomas Hardy uses his poem “A Darkling…show more content…
In both poems each speaker has dealt with some sort of loss. Neither of them breaks down and just let it consume their whole lives. In Hardy’s poem the speaker does not know what to do with his life anymore, until the moment he spends admiring the bird and its song. “At once a voice arose among/ The bleak twigs overhead/ In a full-hearted evensong/ Of joy illimited;/ An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,/ In blast-beruffled plume,/ Had chosen Thus to fling his soul/ Upon the growing gloom.” (Hardy, pg. 1080) The beautiful song that the bird sings in the time of gloom picks up the disheartened spirit of the speaker, and gives him a reason to find the great in life. Bronte is lost in her own feelings of not being able to deal with the loss of her husband. “Sweet Love of youth, forgive if I forget thee/ While the World’s tide is bearing me along:/ Other desires and other hopes beset me,/ Hopes which obscure but cannot do thee wrong.” (Bronte, pg. 1076) The speaker of Bronte’s poem has made the biggest decision of her life to this point, and it is to move on and do what it is that she must, move on. She knows that it may not have been what her late husband had pleased, but it was what was best for her. For her to go on any longer and not let go of him was unhealthy. She made the best of her situation. Hardy and Bronte both experienced things that neither should have in life, but were able to look past their hardships and find the best of the

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