Life Of Pi Hero's Journey

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In the book” Life of Pi” you meet Piscine Patel, a hero. During this story, he had many obstacles that he had to overcome. Pi had to use what little resources that he had to survive and conquer his many mountains. His journey was long and strenuous, and his survival was unexpected. This long hero’s journey has inspired many people throughout the years, and will continue to inspire many others for the years to come. Pi’s ordinary world was formed around the Pondicherry Zoo. His father owned the zoo, so Pi grew up around animals. He was very well informed on the way that animals needed to be treated. religion is also a very big part of Pi’s life “Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, Vishnu…(107). Pi practiced Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. At the age of 16, Pi got his call to adventure, his family would be moving…show more content…
He decides that he can’t stay on the lifeboat, because of the 450 lb. tiger on board. Pi collected all of the Lifejackets and oars that he can find and constructed a raft, that way he can float out on the ocean instead of being on the boat with the tiger. Pi also started teaching himself how to catch and kill fish so he could provide food for himself and Richard Parker. His approach to his situation is very smart and reasonable. There were many separate ordeals that took place along Pi’s journey. The most major one was the algae island. Pi thought that he was hallucinating when he first saw the island. When he figured out that it was a real island, he was overjoyed! Pi decided that since there was food and water(and meerkats) he might as well stay and not go back into the open seas. After a few days of living on the algae island Pi figures out that the island is actually carnivorous, so he decides that it is time to leave.This realization starts Pi journey home, even though he doesn’t know it. His reward is that he and Richard Parker finally start to understand each other and realize what the others boundaries

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