Conformity And Individuality In Fahrenheit 451

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The use of conformity and individuality are present both in the book and in real life. The conformity that takes place in the book is mostly by society. Mildred is an example of conformity because she only cares about her “family”. She doesn’t have any unique views or ideals of anything. Mildred and her friends don’t have anything that makes them different from each other. Everyone is society is obsessed with television. They strive on happiness. The only thing that matters to them is that everything is perfect all the time. Even if they weren’t happy, the people don’t know any different. They don’t really know if there are happy, but they don’t dwell on the thought. For example when Montage says he isn’t happy, Mildred says, “I am…and proud of it” (62). Mildred insists that she has happiness in her life just like everyone else. Their society doesn’t let true emotions show. Everyone has to be happy and every thing has to be fun. It’s not logical that everyone is happy, so a lot of people…show more content…
He actually gives his feelings some thought, which is something most people in this society do not do. He starts to feel conflicted. He knows he should feel happy but he isn’t. He begins to question the logic behind the society that they have formed. Guy tells Mildred, “He knows all the answers. He’s right. Happiness is important. Fun is everything. And yet I kept sitting there saying to myself, I’m not happy, I’m not happy” (62). Montage is frustrated and confused because all of his life he has been told to be happy and to have fun, but he begins to understand that he is not. Yes, part of their philosophy makes sense. Happiness is important, but it’s also important to feel other things. It’s important to be sad, to cry, to be angry, and to feel a variety of emotions. They can sometimes be unpleasant but they are vital to live a truly happy life. Montage is different from Mildred and everyone else because of

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