A Waw Man ! I Wish The Quest Was Tomorrow.

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Carl is a sixth grader who lives an average life. He doesn’t have any siblings and is a B student in school. Carl walks into his friend’s family store and sees a cool old fashioned lamp. He buys it on the spot and takes it home and cleans it up. As he plugs it in, a strange golden glow appears and a transparent Genie comes out. Typically, Carl has three wishes and no wishing for more wishes. Carl decides that he will save his wishes until he thinks up of three good wishes. The next day, Carl goes to school and his teacher says that they have a pop quiz/test(quest). Carl inadvertently blurts out, “Aww man! I wish the quest was tomorrow.” The world is frozen as the Genie comes out and makes the test occur tomorrow. Carl yells out, “No you stupid

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