Literary Techniques Used In Edgar Allen Poe's Work

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Poetry Research Project: Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe was perhaps one of the greatest suspenseful writers of all time, maybe that is why many of the great suspense writers today uses his poems and the styles of writing that he used. Poe used so many different styles of writing so it is hard to narrow down the stuff to use. Some of the styles of writing that People use today are the same styles that Edgar Allen Poe used to use all the time. Poe often used Alliteration, Rhyme Scheme, and Foreshadowing. Poe uses the element of Alliteration in the poem “A dream within a dream” a lot but he also uses it a lot in some of his other poems as well. He uses Alliteration a lot throughout the poem by making the first letter or first syllable rhyme or sound similar. Poe uses it in different spots a lot but I am going to use, Loeser 2 “Take this kiss upon the brow and, in parting from you now,” (Smhoop). He is doing this so he can make it rhyme more and give more suspense It in. He uses this to show that the poem has more of a different side to it as well.…show more content…
Foreshadowing is a warning or indication of a future event. He foreshadows a lot of stuff but the main one in this poem is death and departing. When he says, “Take this kiss upon the brow and in parting from you now thus let me avow”. (Home) He literally kissing his wife and then leaving. But if you keep on reading he foreshadows his wife’s passing or her death. He also suggests that when he says, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” he is suggesting that life is more of a dream than

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